NEWSLETTER  – 4 Helsingborg 2019

Dear artists.
This is our new info to you, read it before we meet in Helsingborg.


Due to our co operation with Miljöforvaltningen in Helsingborg we here remind you to follow these guidelines about this specific area.
There will be 3 dayli control every opening days during the event. Violations at these controls can end up for the artist being expelled from the conventions.

Use only approved Single-use material/equipment.
Metal is not allowed and we don’t have any autoclaveable facilities at the venue.
Make sure you have proper working clothes and or use disposal aprons.
Nitrile or latex gloves only. Don’t wear hand jewelry while working!!!
Use sanitizers to clean and disinfect hands, we also provide with Washstations at the venue, ONLY for artists to use.
Always be 100% sure you have a new clean station for the next client.
That means you wrap table and chair with foil before taking in a new client.
If you use the Needles on bars, you will have a needle container for your stand. If you use cartridges you can use containers at the washstations for these.
Also spill water will be collected here in spec. plastic dunk.

We advise you to be and handle all clients with same good care like the pro you are.
Aftercare advise can be directed to the clients on our website.
If you have your own booklet or card please make sure no clients go without this valuable information.

Once again we will clarify that you only use approved colors, like Intenze, Eternal Ink, World Famous Colors & Silverback. Dynamic is not for Tattooing !!!
Make sure the labels can be read and understood by a controller, that means English or Swedish label.

We will supply all artist upon arrival with the customer signature sheet. All clients must fill these out before working and sign it !
You must also fill out which colors you use on every client during the event. This form will also be available to you in the start envelope.

We know many of you already are aware of these guidelines above.
Please help us all to follow these with respect. Many Thanks for your understanding.

Last but not least.

You will have food tickets in your start kit for all 3 days, make sure they don’t disappear.
There is limited qty. We have Vegan option for those of you who informed us about this when you registrated.
Please notice it´s not allowed to bring food and drinks into the halls.

If you missed our first Newsletter (The one who came to you by email), you will be able to read it at the start process
We also recommend you to read the FAQ section same place.
Please notice that everybody needs an entrance ticket unless you are a children below 12 years of age and together with an adult.

If you still have questions, please contact Marcus when you arrive, all CREW people will be able to help you during all 3 days.

We still have rooms but don’t wait much longer.
Good morning & Comfort Hotel are our trusted hotels where you get a spec. price and treat.
Informations is available with booking code on the Website.

Thursday evening at 9PM – your invited to O´Leary´s in midtown.
The basement has a great atmosphere where we can meet and greet.

Saturday evening starting at 9PM we have a nice program.
See all details about bands, stage performance and awards on the website menu, Program.

Our VIP tickets gives access to all events.
3 days convention + Afterparty & Friday Concert.

Mediazink will have a huge Lounge and a studio at the convention.
Here you will be able to access some very spec. offers for you as attending artist.

See you soon in Helsingborg.
The crew behind 50 Shades Of Ink.