WELCOME to 50 Shades Of Ink

Here is all the information you need to know before you come to 50 Shades of Ink.
Please read them so you don’t need to ask about these things upon arrival.

30 & 31 March + 1 April  2018.

Fältarpsvägen 60
256 59 Helsingborg

Access to the hall for built up stand on Friday and dismantling on Sunday:
There will be open already Friday morning from kl. 10.30
Artists can start work from kl. 13.00
On Saturday and Sunday opens 1 hour before the audience.
That means Kl. 11 for you.
On Sundays, starting from dismantling pm. 17.30, One hour before stop.

Opening to the public:
Friday 15-23
Saturday 12-22 Afterparty start 22.00 and ends at 02.00
Sunday 12-18.30

Lighting and power:
There are lights in the hall but it is recommended to have a work lamp with.
All stands have access to electric power. If there is a need for multiple installations it is a good idea to have an extension cord. Foreign tattooists themselves must have adapters.
NOT possible to get at the venue!

Tables and chairs:
All booths will have 1 piece of working tables and 1 exhibition table + 2 standard chairs per artist.

Make sure that the tool is in clean condition when leaving. In the sense that tape residue and stains on the floor must be removed.

If this point is not okay there will be an extra expense, so important to remember.
If an accident occurs and you get thrown color on the floor will the information be a means that can be used acutely.
We instruct to operate with high level of hygiene to the safety of you and the clients.
We also instruct to use Single use and disposal material ONLY at the convention.
If you by purpose break any of above mentioned rules we can dismiss you from the convention.

All tattoo artists and exhibitors + helpers will all receive a speciel wristband upon arrival. This bracelet ensure access throughout the weekend as well as access to

VIP lounge only for artists and exhibitors.
Please notice it´s not allowed to bring food and drinks outside the lounge area.

Throughout the fair, there will be CREW people who want to be helpful with any challenge.
Stencil and copy service will be available in the Information booth.
There will also be check in and registration for all competitions during the fair. See the item below about competitions.
If you need additional paper or distilled water it wil be handled in the information area.

Supply Company:
There will be 1 supply company presented.
The company will only be selling approved colors. They will have all what you need for machines, needless etc.

4 Meals during the weekend:
Throughout the event, there are drinks and food for all artists, exhibitors and helpers.
There is an enclosed lounge only for artists and all exhibitors.
There will also be the opportunity to buy div. Collations of different restaurants at the fair itself.
Don’t take drinks from the lounge into the hall.

We present plenty of entertainment both from home and abroad.
Please take a look at our website.
We have separate section for all available performances.
In total we have 3 Live Bands and International Performing acts on stage.



After Party:
On Saturday we host the official afterparty at the venue. Happy hours, Miss Ink Queen Final and LIVE Bands will make it nice and cozy for us.
Free entrance for all tattoo artists and exhibitors, as well as specially invited + VIP Ticket holders, between 22.00 – 02.00.
Hard liquor can be bought very favorable prices.

Meet and Greet Party at O´Leary´s:
This year we invite you to an amazing meet and greet party starting at 20.00.
Only for attending artists and studio´s + VIP Ticket holders.

Exhibition Program:
Will be visible at the venue , on our website and social media.

There will during the fair be 13 competitions and 6 awards. Detailed info see competitions info on our website.

For your knowledge, Best of Day and Best of show only performed tattoos made over the weekend at the fair.
There will be prizes for 1st,  2nd  and 3rd
The winner of Best of Show will automatically get a booth for next 50 Shades of Ink event. Value Dkk. 4,500
So go for the grand price and win it.
Only artists and supportive studio´s can attend the competitions at 50 Shades Of Ink !!

Hotels in Helsingborg:

We recommend you to book very fast. Due to high demand you must act quickly.
Here is the hotel´s we work with:
Comfort Hotel
Horisont Good Morning Hotel
You find specific details and booking codes at the website.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to write to us: info@50shadesofink.eu or contact Marcus Anderson: 0046 – 0765615023

We look forward to seeing you in Helsingborg.