• Where do I register for the convention ?
    “You can only register at our website on the registration menu”
  • Can I pay a deposit to secure my spot ?
    “Yes you have an option and be able to secure the spot with a deposit”
  • What kind of promotion can I expect from you ?
    “We promote you on our website and on all our social media pages”
  • What time can I start to build up my spot ?
    “You can start from 10.30 Friday morning”
  • What time can I begin to work on my first client ?
    “You can start to work on your first Friday client at 13.00”
  • What do I need to bring myself for the spot ?
    “Working light and adapters beside your working equipment”
  • Is there autoclave area at the event ?
    “No we are only allowed to use disposal materials and grips at the venue”
  • Is there copy and stencil service ?
    “Yes we have copy in black and stencil service”
  • Is there any law for using colors at the show ?
    “Yes you must only use approved colors according to the national directions”
  • Where can I see the Competition program and schedule ?
    “You can see full program and time schedule on our website”
  • How many can attend and who is allowed to register for Competitions ?
    “Only working artists and supportive studio´s can attend Competitions”
  • What is the price for the Best of Show winner ?
    “A paid spot on the next 50 Shades Of Ink event and a trophy + a graved sign for the Big trophy”


  • Where can I see the opening hours for all days ?
    “On our website and at the ticket company website too”
  • Shall I as a costumer who get´s a tattoo at the event pay for entrance ?
    “Yes everybody must pay entrance for the event”
  • Where can I see the different types of tickets and the prices ?
    “At the ticket providers website you will have all options and prices”
  • Is it more expensive to buy tickets at the door ?
    “Yes there will be added a handling fee pr. Ticket – Kr. 25”
  • Where can I see the full program day by day ?
    “On our website, Online program and in the venue´s screens”
  • Is there any children limits by age ?
    “No limits when going with an adult, no pay for children below 12 years”
  • Can I buy entrance for the Afterparty only ?
    “Yes this year we have that option too”

All our staff wearing special printed t-shirts, they will always aim to give the best service and support during the event.